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An endodontist is a dentist who specialises in root canal treatments and everything to do with the nerves in your teeth.

Did you know that a tooth attaches itself to the jawbone through one or more roots? Each root has a canal containing nerve fibres and blood vessels that can become infected. But what exactly is a root canal treatment?

  • Root canal treatment
  • Long-term repair
  • Rubber dam
Removal of the nerve

Removal of the nerve located in the roots of the tooth. That is why this treatment is sometimes called ‘denervation’. After denervation, the tooth can last just as long as any other: denervation does not weaken the tooth, but it does make a healthy foundation for properly restoring elements of your teeth.

This treatment is necessary if the nerve in the tooth has become inflamed or died. This kind of infection has a range of causes:

    • deep tooth decay
    • a split tooth
    • trauma suffered

Rubber dam

All our endodontists carry out this treatment under a microscope and using a rubber dam, whereby the canals in the tooth root are filled in a semi-hermetic manner.

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