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Crowns, bridges, implants, partial or total prostheses, ... Prosthetic dentistry not only repairs your biting, chewing and speaking ability, but also the aesthetics of your teeth.

A wide and natural smile? That will help you get through life with good humour. Healthy teeth are naturally important for your health. But a nice smile is just as important for feeling good about yourself. What could prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry mean for your smile?

  • Long-term repair
  • Natural method
  • Implants possible
Crown or overlay?

Too many fillings and too little remaining tissue for classical fillings? Then we can repair your teeth in the long term with an indirect porcelain crown or overlay.


Composite or porcelain facings help restore your smile in a natural and beautiful way.

Had implants fitted?

Then we can connect a crown, bridge or prosthesis to these implants.

Implants not possible?

If implants are not possible, we can replace the absent teeth using a bridge.

Rubber dam

A rubber dam is used for all our treatments. Why? To create a dry working environment without saliva, thereby guaranteeing a high-quality treatment. This also makes things very comfortable for you as a patient, as you will not end up with any fragments, debris or water in your throat. Enlargement equipment, such as magnifying glasses and surgical microscopes, is also used with every treatment, which allows for far higher precision.

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